I got my hands on PIP Elekiban one day when my daughter passed a pack to me for my sore legs. I have to walk and stand for a long time, 6 days a week as I work in the F&B industry.  I have also been having a chronic headache for the past decade and have been taking panadol every day for the pain.

Without much thought, I stuck a patch of it behind my ear, near the hairline instead of my legs just for the fun of it. Before I knew it, I did not need panadols anymore! I had no idea that this will work so well for my headache as it is supposedly good for muscle soreness or stiffness! Tried other brands afterward but none worked! Can’t live without PIP Elekiban now!

– Ivy Chen, 50s, F&B

I was given some PIP Elekiban sample one day by a promoter. The promoter was very detail in the application process. Working as a freelance yoga instructor and coping with my daily 9-5 job is highly challenging, and thus I am down with fatigue, sore and stiff muscle every now and then. I applied the patch as advised by the promoter, there was no immediate sensation or smell, and surprisingly the patch was very comfortable for my sensitive skin. No outbreak of rashes even after several consecutive days of application. The patch worked really well on my overworked muscles and relieved the stiffness that I have had on my shoulder for the longest time ever. After which I have become a PIP converter, recommending this to my family and friends.

– Agnes, 20s, Freelance Yoga Instructor

I just started going to the gym recently, and it was really difficult to go biweekly as my body did not have enough time to recover from the aches and sore from the previous workout. However, with PIP Elekiban, my body heals a lot faster, and I can head to the gym twice or even thrice a week now!

– Amanda Tan, 20s, Accounts Manager

Having an office job from 8 am to 6 pm, I will often feel the strain on my shoulder due to the long hours in front of the computer. After trying PIP Elekiban, the strain was no longer an issue that I have to consult the physician! Oh, and it’s time to stock up on PIP Elekiban!

– Jesslyn

As the guitarist in a band, I often have to jam with the weight of the electric guitar on my shoulder. With PIP Elekiban, not only did it help to relieve the pain, but it is also odorless! Now when I jam, PIP Elekiban will always be my best companion!

– Wara, late 20s

I got hold of PIP Elekiban it was given to me as a sample from my colleague. As I was constantly experiencing chronic backache due to prolonged sitting at the office, and lack of exercise. After sticking 4 pcs on my lower back as advised on the mini leaflet, I feel that my body temperate did increase. It was told to me that this shows an increase in blood circulation and removing toxic from my body. Having used the patch for several days, I realize a significant reduce in back ache experienced.

– Jaden, Credit Officer

I always suffer from muscle stiffness and aches regularly as I bake a lot. While I would usually use Salonpas patch to relieve the pain, I try to minimise as much as possible, as it contains ingredients that are not recommended for long term usage. Luckily, I came across the Pip Elekiban patch which uses magnetism techniques to regular my blood circulation and relieve my muscle aches almost instantly. It doesn’t come with any smell (definitely a plus point for me) as I don’t want people to notice it. Compared to the other types of muscle relief patches, this was very long-lasting for about a few days. Not only did it solve my aching problems, it was a better alternative as well!

– Monice, Food & Lifestyle Blogger

Now that my #2 is going to be 2years old , his weight is also adding burden to shoulder and while on my baby wearing journey , not to mention all the crankiness too . Lucky I get to know about Elekiban . It have save  my aching shoulder after a long day of baby wearing the big baby . Thumbs for this mummy saving item !!! It’s a must for all mummies who need to baby wear / carry their babies almost daily.

– Iris Tan, Mother of 2

I haven’t played basketball for a very long time since I started working, but I recently took up the hobby again. The regular practices and occasional competitions has caused me to be more prone to muscle aches. My job also requires me to sit for long hours at the office and this gives me backaches sometimes. Thanks to PIP Elekiban, these problems were solved. I didn’t have problems wearing it on during sports as it stays on really well. Best of all? There’s no weird smell!

– Ram, Executive

My friend recommended me PIP Elekiban when I complained about the constant muscle aches I experience after every training session. I am a black-belt Judo instructor, and I teach 4 classes every week and train on 2 other days. In addition, I hold a full-time position at a German manufacturer of home appliances. With nearly no rest days, my muscles never get the opportunity to rest and recover.

My colleague passed me of his PIP Elekiban to try out. And I decided to paste them on places I felt sore, which are usually my neck, upper back, and legs. Although I cannot physically see the effects, I definitely could feel the effects of PIP Elekiban within just one night. The next morning, I woke up feeling fresher and my body did not ache as badly. Within 3 days, the constant discomfort I felt reduced greatly, and my performance improved. I will definitely continue using PIP Elekiban to help me relieve my pains and sores.

– Alex Ng, Judo instructor

I came across PIP Elekiban one day at a drugstore and decided to try it. I am an office worker, and I have no choice but to spend generous portions of the day sitting in one spot. I suffer from shoulder and lower back pains due to my bad posture and sedentary lifestyle. The pain would usually only go away for 1-2 days with body massages and would come back, more painful than before.

I pasted on 1 PIP Elekiban on each side of my shoulders and lower back before I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning to get ready for work, I realized my shoulders weren’t as stiff as before, and my lower back felt a lot looser. I left them on for the next few days, and I felt like a different person. Using PIP Elekiban is now my weekly routine, and I will feel the difference immediately if I forgot to paste it!

– Joey Chee, Marketing executive

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