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Rose Pink


Estimation of PIP Magneloop’s length

Neck and shoulder screams by weight of head when using smartphone

Key Features

Infrared thermographic image shows neck and shoulders wearing Magneloop.

Magnetism radiates from the entire loop to improve blood circulation of the neck and shoulders and relieve muscle stiffness.

Comfortable Touch

Light and soft touch
due to silicon resin.

Simple Design

Simple design with one buckle for wearing easily.


It can be washed in water
to keep clean.


Does not smell as it works under natural magnetic principle.

Prolonged Use

It can be worn day and night, with long-lasting magnetism to improve blood circulation continuously.

How to Use

Magneloop for stiff shoulder and neck

  1. Disconnect the connector and wear Magneloop around the neck, directly touching the skin.
  2. Before taking it off the neck, disconnect the connector
    in the same way.

Continue to wear it this way

When to Wear

Any time of the day

During sleep

During work

Sold in over 10 countries worldwide.
Now available in most stores, online at Ascenshoppe, and at all major pharmacies in Singapore!
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