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Key Features


Magneloop EX contains 20 hidden magnets which are equivalent to four 150mT rare-earth magnets.


*Equivalent to four 150mT rare-earth magnets.

Contains more powerful magnets with a magnetic force of 150mT, the highest in the world, to effectively relieve muscle stiffness.


Approximately 22% lighter than former PIP Magneloop. It is light and comfortable to wear.

The Difference Between EX & SF

With powerful magnets!
150mT rare-earth magnets 4pcs
70mT rare-earth magnets 16pcs

Mixture of silicon and magnet.
Magnetic force is emitted
from the whole loop.

How to Use

Magneloop EX for stiff shoulder and neck

  1. Disconnect the connector and wear Magneloop around the neck, directly touching the skin.
  2. Before taking it off the neck, disconnect the connector
    in the same way.

Continue to wear it this way

When to Wear

Any time of the day

During sleep

During work

Sold in over 10 countries worldwide.
Now available in most stores, online at Ascenshoppe, and at all major pharmacies in Singapore!
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