How It Works

Causes of Muscle Stiffness



What Is A Vicious Cycle of Muscle Stiffness Development?

Stiffness is a state of persistent tension and fatigue, causing muscles to tighten to become thicker and stiffer. Stiffened muscles compress the blood vessels, impairing the circulation of the blood, and causing wastes to accumulate. The impaired blood circulation caused by excess wastes creates even more muscle tension, resulting in a vicious cycle of stiffness.



The weight of an adult head is about 6-9kg (about 1/8 of body weight), and the weight of two arms is 8-10kg. Modern people often sit in front of a computer with the same posture or wrong posture for long hours. This will increase the burden on the neck, shoulders, and back, and will, in turn, cause muscle tension which results in body stiffness in the long term.

Effects Of PIP Magnetism

Magnetism Starts Working From The Moment Of Application

When people try a magneto-therapeutic device, the first thing they like is that it does not cause a burning or cooling sensation on the skin. But sensation and effectiveness are two different things. What ’s important is whether the device works. From the instant the magneto-therapeutic device is applied, magnetism penetrates the skin and starts working within stiff area. And it doesn’t just slowly permeate the skin: it works instantly. This is possible only with magnetic force.

Thermographic image shows skin 3 hours after applying the Elekiban. The user doesn’t feel a thing, yet it works, and works…

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