Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to be wearing health magnets?

There are no scientific studies that show that health magnets are harmful when worn on the human body. Conversely, many people have reported having improved blood circulation and relief of muscle stiffness. Try it yourself to feel the difference!
We have a few products on sale: our Elekiban provides specific pain relief, our Magneloop and Magneloop EX provide neck and shoulder pain relief, and our support items provide support for your elbow, knee and waist.
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Will the magnet corrode or become harmful if I use it for too long?

We use ferrite in the Elekiban product, which does not cause corrode over time. According to current research, long-term usage of the magnets does not cause side effects in people. Also, the magnet does not interfere with commonly used electrical products.

Can I still use electrical products while wearing or using the product?

The magnets used in our products are stable and do not cause electromagnetic interference. Hence, it is safe to use common electrical products such as phones, radios, or driving a car.

What's the difference between Elekiban and Magneloop?

The Elekiban can be applied on any place where you are feeling muscle pain or numbness.
For the Magneloop, it is specific to the neck area, and provides relief to the neck and shoulders simply by wearing it.
You should choose the products depending on which area you wish to relieve pain. We also have support products that can help with stability issues.

What should I note when using the Elekiban?

Before using it, please ensure your skin is free from perspiration or excess oil. Paste the Elekiban flat onto the skin and smooth out any folds.
Also, once the patch is removed, we would advise against reusing it (even if you replace the plaster) as the magnet might carry germs from the previous use and lead to potential skin irritation or inflammation.

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